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Self-help workshop: Get your life back

A one-day workshop in Dubai aims to help participants silence their inner critic and extinguish their limiting beliefs.

Kelly Studer, a US-based career stylist. Courtesy of Kelly Studer
Kelly Studer, a US-based career stylist. Courtesy of Kelly Studer

The background

The workshop is a course commitment of the US-based career stylist Kelly Studer and Bassem Terkawi, a senior director of marketing and communication at the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) Abu Dhabi. It's part of their training in the Co-Active Leader Programme at the Coaches Training Institute in the US.

"The process of coming up with a topic for the workshop was different because it was less about what people want to learn but what we would like people to walk away with," says Studer, who has held recruitment and leadership roles with companies such as Google and Accenture.

"It became obvious that we were passionate about helping people take a closer look at where they are stuck in their life," says Studer. "We want to take those limiting beliefs, replace them with a new perspective on the truth and help them get closer to their goals."

The personal touch

The 10-month leadership course teaches professionals to let go of their inhibitions.

"I have been able to release my fears of what I could and couldn't do and have started taking more risks, questioning what has been holding me back," Studer says. "Failure is OK. The vulnerability that you show is quite powerful."

Terkawi was able to realise that procrastination was holding him back. "I kept delaying my desire to study because I felt I wouldn't be able to balance it with work. Then I started this programme, and not only am I doing both, I also realise that I can succeed in both. I have grown at work and have a much better relationship with my team, which has improved productivity."

The goal

Studer and Terkawi want to pass on their experiences during the four-hour workshop, which helps participants unearth and move past their restrictive beliefs. "Moving to a more positive outlook involves silencing the inner critic," says Studer. "What you tell yourself is probably not true. It may also be about taking risks and realising that you are in control of how your life turns out."

"I feel like the subject of knowing there are limiting beliefs can change someone's life," says Terkawi, who has worked in media relations for more than 15 years and is a member of the International Coach Federation. "Often people believe that they cannot change things and have no control over circumstances."

He says people tend to blame their problems on external factors, such as the financial crisis or market situation. They create reasons for not being able to move on and be happy.

"Through this workshop, we want to bring to their attention that they are lying to themselves and that they are not achieving their potential because of their notions," he says.

The details

There are 24 seats available for the workshop, which is being held at the Coaches Training Institute in Dubai on August 24 from 9am-1pm.

Registration costs Dh400 per person. For more details, visit www.kellystuder.com/seetheinvisible or email info@kellystuder.com.

The organisers are giving three spaces away to readers of The National's Arts&Life section. These will go to the first three people who email workshops@admedia.ae.


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