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My Wellness Cloud: a nifty way to track every move you make

My Wellness Cloud is a little device that tracks your daily exercises.

My Wellness Cloud. Courtesy Technogym
My Wellness Cloud. Courtesy Technogym

Imagine all your daily exercises streamlined into one little device that you could take with you wherever you go. That’s what Technogym’s My Wellness Cloud is all about.

The device allows you to monitor your fitness using a key, which looks like a flash drive. It comes with a small clip that you could attach to your trousers.

The key records every step and exercise you do and sets a daily goal of the number of “moves” you should make based on the nature of your job (whether at a desk job or on site).

At the gym, you can plug the key into any Technogym machine and it automatically records your workout and has the ability to monitor your progress for months and even years. As for non-Technogym exercise or ones where you burn calories without taking too many steps, such as weight training or yoga, simply plug the key into a designated Wellness Cloud kiosk at the gym or your computer at home to record your workout.

Compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers and smart televisions, My Wellness Cloud also allows your personal trainer to monitor your fitness, helping him or her to tailor your future routines accordingly.

Gyms equipped with Wellness Cloud can host monthly competitions for members whereby the winner (the one who records the most “moves” or burns the most calories) can be tracked through the “challenges” section of the device.


Available at The Club, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Highway, before Saadiyat bridge, 02 673 1111. Coming soon at other gyms

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