x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Move of the week: TRX body saw with crunch

Our fifth exercise in the TRX programme.

Step 3. Satish Kumar / The National
Step 3. Satish Kumar / The National

Michael Lancaster, a TRX-trained personal trainer at Dubai’s Platform 3 gym, demonstrates the fifth exercise in our eight-part weekly series of TRX workouts. Do this move alone, incorporate it into your own fitness routine, or watch this space over the next three weeks to create a comprehensive total-body, strength-building regime. Go to www.thenational.ae/bodyandsoul, where we collect the workouts and post video demonstrations.


1. Adjust the TRX in mid-calf length. Lay down on your front, keeping the feet in the foot cradles and making sure that they don’t touch. Elbows should rest on the floor, shoulder-width apart.


2. Bring the knees up and keep the body straight. Move back as far as you can from the elbows.


3. Return to the start position and crunch the knees in towards the elbows.


Key points: ensure the body stays straight; don’t drop the hips. The farther away the feet are from below the anchor point, the harder the exercise.

Progression/variation: rather than resting on the elbows, move up on to the hands.

Muscles targeted: core, abdominals, shoulders.

Sets and reps: one to three sets of 15 to 20 reps, with 30 seconds to one minute rest between sets.

Platform 3 sells TRX Suspension Trainers for Dh950. They can also be purchased from major sporting shops throughout the UAE.