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Move of the week: single-leg hip lift

This week's exercise to try at home.

Step two. Satish Kumar / The National
Step two. Satish Kumar / The National

Inger Larson, the head nutritionist and trainer at Scandinavian Health & Performance (SHP) in Dubai, demonstrates the last exercise in our eight-part weekly series of workouts while the gym’s owner and head trainer Ian Houghton provides step-by-step instructions below. Do this move alone or incorporate it into your fitness routine. Go to www.thenational.ae/moveoftheweek, where we collect the workouts and post video demonstrations.


1. Start by lying with your back on the floor, grab one knee and pull it towards your chest.


2. With the other leg remaining on the floor, push that foot into the ground and try to elevate your hips as much as possible. Aim for achieving a straight line through your knees, hips and shoulders


3. After holding the position for three to five seconds, focus on squeezing the glutes and then lower slowly, before touching the ground and coming back up. Repeat on the other side.


Tips/things to remember:

• By not rushing, and slowing the steps right down, body control will be maximised.

SHP is in Unit 1304, Swiss Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai. Contact 050 464 9396 or visit www.shpdubai.com

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