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Move of the Week: Pilates heatwave

Try out our week six Pilates move - the heatwave.

Step three. Lee Hoagland/The National
Step three. Lee Hoagland/The National

Lashley Pulsipher, a Pilates instructor at Exhale fitness studio in Dubai, demonstrates the sixth exercise in our eight-part weekly series of Pilates workouts. Do this move alone, or incorporate it into your own fitness routine or watch this space over the next two weeks to create a comprehensive regime. Go to www.thenational.ae/moveoftheweek, where we collect the workouts and post video demonstrations.

"It's a really fun move that's great for engaging your abs and glutes."

1. Start lying down, knees bent with your feet in-line with your hip bones and your shoulders down away from your ears.

2. Raise your hips up to form a basic bridge position which is a great strengthener for the back and abdominal muscles.

3. Keeping your arms on the mat and with your feet pressed evenly into the ground; add a twist in the hips by dropping one side and then the other.

Top tip: "Do twenty repetitions of the hip twist for the best possible results."

- Mat Pilates classes at Exhale start from Dh60; Reformer Pilates costs Dh400 for a package of five sessions or Dh750 for 10. For details and timings, visit www.exhaledubai.com or call 04 424 3777.

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