x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Move of the week: Overhead press

Corey Oliver of the UAE's Original Fitness Company demonstrates the seventh exercise in our eight-part weekly series.

Step 1.
Step 1.

Do this overhead press alone, incorporate it into your own fitness routine or watch this space next week to create a comprehensive total body strength-building regime. Go to thenational.ae/bodyandsoul, where we will collect the workouts and post video demonstrations.

1. Place a barbell or dumb-bell at your feet, assume a squat position and pick the barbell up with an overhand grip.

2. Stand up straight, keep your chest proud, your shoulders back and your back straight. With your feet shoulder width apart, place your most dominant foot back (this provides balance and helps protect your lumbar spine and back). Activate your core and abdominal muscles and lift the bar to your chest with an under hand grip.

3. With yours hands underneath you, press the bar over your head and up to the sky, so that your arms are fully extended at the top. While you have the bar in the overhead position, you now need to make sure that your arms are next to your ears and that your chin and face are protruding in front of your arm pits. Lower the bar back to the chest by bending your elbows and then continue from the chest to the overhead position for your repetitions.

Tips/things to remember

- At first, the overhead press should be conducted with a very light weight to get your form correct.

- This is quite a complex movement so make sure that you select a very light weight that you can safely lift with no hindrance, always keep your mid-section tight and don't jerk the weight above your head. When placing the weight back on the floor, follow the initial steps in reverse and make sure that your back is kept straight when lowering it to the floor.


The upper body and core muscles; builds strength in your upper arms.

Reps/ Sets

15 reps x 4 sets with 30-45 seconds rest between each set.