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Lush to launch smartest make-up range ever

Lush will this month release a new make-up range called Emotional Brilliance, and it's based on psychology.

Each of the 30 colours in the make-up range is associated with a different emotion. Razan Alzayani / The National
Each of the 30 colours in the make-up range is associated with a different emotion. Razan Alzayani / The National

This month, after more than two years in the making, cosmetics meets psychology with the launch of a unique make-up range by Lush. We sat down with the brand's Emotional Brilliance expert Bryony Rose Lee for a colour consultation ahead of the worldwide roll-out.

The experience

As a company with a reputation for all things natural, it was no great surprise to be ushered into a press room bursting with flowers of every shade and scent. Perched on the sofa was a beaming Lee and before her a spinning wheel of 30 coloured discs.

My instructions? "Close your eyes and when you open them, pick three colours that instantly jump out and grab you," she says.

Apparently, the emotions you are feeling on a given day will attract you to particular hues on the dial which, in cosmetic form and almost like colour therapy, will boost your mood while enhancing or restoring your natural high.

My colour consultation

Aquamarine blue: "The first colour you have picked means calm. This is your strength at this moment in time - be it thoughts or actions. It's a great strength for you right now."

Fuchsia pink: "The second colour is glamorous and that's what your subconscious is telling you it's craving right now. And the old-fashioned word for glamour is enchantment."

Pale rose: "The third colour you chose is your talent - and this colour means charm. It's something you always have with you and something you've developed over many years. What's interesting is the talent is something other people see that you might not admit to."

The range

Thirty colours make up a range of crème shadows, gel eyeliners and liquid lipsticks. Each product has a corresponding word attached on a label which pertains to a particular emotion or motivation.

"We have 15 crème shadows which you can also use as eyeliners as some come with a sponge applicator, some with a liner. The crème shadow has rose petal infusion which is very gentle and soothing on the lid and blends perfectly to the skin. Wear it soft and muted or strong and bright. They are great for Dubai as they are creaseless and will stay on the skin all day - lasting so much longer as they are pigment-loaded.

"The two gel eyeliners are also pigment rich with an eyebright infusion - very healthy ingredients to have around the eyes.

"The last product is a liquid lipstick which can be used as a blush and as a lipstick. Some have a shine and some are matte. They are made with rose wax, candelilla wax and jojoba oil, so their natural base means they soften and moisturise."

Colour me happy

"All of the colours are positive, because it's about changing the way you feel and giving you the boost that you need. Black for example, is independent and bronze-brown means quietly motivated."

Creating colour psychology

"It started when Rowena Bird, one of the company's founders, wanted to create a range unique from anything else on the market. We call her our 'Queen of Colour' as she loves a strong lip, bright clothing and has a charming personality. Rowena was working with a behavioural therapist called Lady Helen Kennedy who has lots of celeb clients and works with our founders. She uses the power of words to change your mindset and the way you feel - and she does this in quite a magical way. So, she and Ro worked together to create an empowering colour range and she originally gave us 52 powerful words she uses regularly in her treatments - almost like the trigger points for changes in people's moods. Ro then set out on a mission - along with 16 'big colour lovers' at Lush - to match a colour to the words. There was a definite pattern - with people associating happiness or feeling secure with the same colours or ranges. And then, the colours were narrowed down to the nearest 30 words with the strongest correlation and impact on people and the products developed to go with them."

Colours of secrecy

"The Constantine family, who founded and work within Lush, all picked one particular colour as their subconscious need when they had the reading done. But I can't tell you what it is - I'm sworn to secrecy!"

Unexpected bonus

The range's containers can be brought back to stores to be reused, plus the elastic holding the recyclable label in place doubles as a tangle-free hair band.

The new Emotional Brilliance rage by Lush will be available from July 21. For more information, go to www.facebook.com/lushuae.

Keep an eye out for the Lush app which will be launched in the coming months.