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Life lessons: Laura McMahon

The alternative therapist and communications director shares her philosophies on life.

Laura McMahon volunteers for Dubai's Yalla Ramadan Walk.
Laura McMahon volunteers for Dubai's Yalla Ramadan Walk.

Laura McMahon, 42, is an advocate for walking, an alternative therapist and a communications director. Married with two children, she volunteers for Dubai's Yalla Ramadan Walk 2011, which promotes health and fitness, and will be held throughout August in city parks. The opening ceremony will be at Zabeel Park on July 30 at 5pm

1. Practise gratitude. It is a direct route to happiness. Life has a habit of throwing obstacles in our path, but to dwell on them often makes things worse. By all means if you feel bad, experience the feeling - but not for too long. It's far better to look at the good around you and feel gratitude for what you have in your life than worry about things that are out of your control.

2. Walk every day. The health benefits are immense, plus it clears the mind and givesyou a different perspective on things. As Friedrich Nietzsche said: "All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking."

3. Give back in any way that feels right for you. The saying "Charity starts at home" is so true - even a small act of giving can make a big difference. We are so fortunate to be in the UAE during the holy time of Ramadan as it's a great opportunity to go through your home and donate once-loved items.

4. Have children. They will teach you so muchand you will look at your own parents in awe and understand them more. Happy children are a direct source of joy and laughter, and they help us remember the child within ourselves.

5. Value yourself, your family and friends and make time for the people who touch your heart.


As told to Jemma Nicholls


Registration for the Yalla Ramadan Walk can be found at www.yallawalk.com