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Jennifer Randive: the UAE's first access consciousness facilitator

Access Consciousness claims to erase non-productive thoughts and emotions so you can reach your full potential.

Jennifer Randive practices access consciousness on Kaveri Agasthilingam at her Bur Dubai office. Sarah Dea / The National
Jennifer Randive practices access consciousness on Kaveri Agasthilingam at her Bur Dubai office. Sarah Dea / The National

While most of us have heard of reiki (a healing technique that uses touch to channel energy and trigger physical and emotional well-being), mention access consciousness and you will probably get a few puzzled looks. This left-field concept is relatively new - it was founded in 1990 by Gary Douglas, a former businessman from California, who now travels the world giving lectures on the benefits of access consciousness. Essentially this therapy is designed to erase non-productive thoughts and emotions to reach your full potential.

Access consciousness facilitators such as Jennifer Randive use energy healing techniques combined with mind tools to delete any adverse thoughts. "During the initial session, I ask my client to relax and be open to receiving the energy," explains Randive, who also practises reiki and life coaching. "I help to unblock restrictive beliefs that we have clung on to over time. Usually these so-called beliefs are simply 'someone else's point of view' of what is and isn't possible. Often they prevent us from getting ahead and achieving our dreams.

"Doing access bars is a simple yet effective way of dropping any guilt or negative judgment. Instead you are invited to see things from a fresh perspective. Each day is an opportunity to erase self-limiting beliefs and generate new ones by reprogramming the way we think," says Randive.

The Dubai-based holistic guru cites the example of ageing. "Many women who come to me are afraid of getting older. Why? Because they are scared of becoming frail and inactive. They believe that getting older equals deterioration and by holding on to this belief, they are likely to end up in an undesirable state." If, however, they choose to see this as "a point of view" and erase it with access consciousness, says Randive, they create space to believe something beautiful instead. "If you imagine an 80-year-old woman smiling on the beach doing yoga with her friends, age becomes appealing rather than daunting."

Randive helps to eliminate these stumbling blocks by touching specific energy points on the head while saying a clearing statement. "Usually there are only two things that can happen: either you feel like you've had the most amazing massage or at best your whole life will change for the better."

The purported physical benefits include fewer aches and pains, looking younger and having more energy. "After a few sessions, my clients say more creative ideas pop up and they are more productive in less amount of time," says Randive. "Some have seen remarkable results at work, like getting promoted or generating million-dirham business deals. Relationships are also enhanced. Some meet the love of their life. Generally things seem to be effortless and over time, all mental chatter ceases."

For more information go to www.accessconsciousness.com. To book an appointment with Jennifer Randive call 050 654 6238

Sarah's experience

It sounds like a Hollywood fairy tale, but what's it like in practice? It's my first time doing access consciousness. The treatment takes place inside a corporate building in Bur Dubai and my therapist is straight-talking with a sense of humour. Before I lie down on her treatment bed, she tells me to take off my watch. "The energy might interfere with the dial otherwise and it could stop working," she warns. (It's starting to sound a little like Harry Potter.)

While Randive places her hands on my head, she explains that she intends to clear up any rubbish stored in my brain: "It's like deleting old, irrelevant files on your computer," she tells me, before pressing on specific meridian points. Apparently each is related to a different area of life, including health, money, relationships and so on. After asking me a series of personal questions, with my permission, she deletes all the negative thoughts with a bonkers-sounding clearing statement: right wrong good bad pod poc all nine shorts boys and beyond.

I suppress a giggle and wonder if this is a load of hocus-pocus. However, a few minutes later, my head heats up and pins and needles develop in my hands and feet. Something is definitely happening here. Afterwards, I feel super-relaxed and the next day I have an extra spring in my step. The big question is, has my life been transformed since the session? Well it's only been two weeks, so it's probably too soon to say. However, I feel more carefree, less worried about the future and hopeful that I might end up making millions of dirhams and meeting the man of my dreams. Well, you never know.