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Have an uplifting experience with holistic therapist Lorenzo Becchi and Flying Therapeutics

Holistic therapist Lorenzo Becchi is currently in Dubai offering Flying Therapeutics sessions. He explains how this unique therapy can have you laughing like a child or crying like a baby

Flying Therapeutics helps clients get in touch with their inner child. Alicia Calle
Flying Therapeutics helps clients get in touch with their inner child. Alicia Calle

What is Flying Therapeutics (FT)?

FT is a bodywork practice where clients benefit from a weightless, inverted and restorative treatment. The session starts with a Thai massage on a soft mat to prepare the body and soften any tensions. This normally takes 30-40 minutes, then it is time for flying. I lift up the body of the patient on top of my feet, similar to what parents do with their kids. I just add the experience of a professional practitioner, which provides a deep trust and comfort.

The body is then gently moved into several positions, which allows more softening and lengthening of the spine. The receiver is continuously invited to soften the muscles, while the practitioner takes care of every single movement, allowing the body to soften at a level that cannot happen in other therapies, except water therapies like Watsu.

Why do people have flying therapy sessions?

FT is a powerful "parasympathetic stimulation", which means a deep relaxation. Many people think it's about stretching, but it's more about softening and letting go. All stretches are made by gravity, allowing the extension that the body wants to offer and not more.

What effect do the movements have?

They induce and create a deep and comforting connection with one's inner child. As children we all appreciated being held and supported by our parents. After a few minutes of FT, our subconscious taps into that state again, creating trust, relaxation and happiness.

Do you need to be fit or flexible to participate?

You don't need to be in perfect fitness, but after years of practice, I can say that people who have a good connection with their body do tend to appreciate it more. It's best for people who are used to receiving bodywork like Thai massage and have been doing dance, sports, yoga or Pilates for a long time. I don't recommend it to people who have high blood pressure, glaucoma or who have recently undergone surgery.

How do people tend to react after their first session?

It varies a lot. Generally people are surprised by what they manage to do. People's expectations from the video tend to be very different from their actual experience. Most people become very relaxed, more so than they would with a normal massage. Some start laughing and become excited like children. In some cases, mostly when people challenge themselves to let go, they start crying like a baby. I accept and respect any reaction; they are the beauty of a precious release process. It makes me happy when people look at me after a session with the face of an amazed child.

How has FT helped your clients?

I often work with athletic people who ask a lot of their bodies and forget how important it is to release the tension. Even when we do practices like yoga, we are always engaging our muscles. In Flying Therapeutics, we simply let go. The most touching comment I've ever received was from a woman of 55, a mother and therapist, who after crying for most of the session said: "Thank you Lorenzo, you gave me the hug my mother never did."

Lorenzo Becchi is in Dubai until May 12. To book a session (1.5 hours, Dh750) email info@lorenzobecchi.com. Visit www.lorenzobecchi.com for more information


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