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Food for Thought: Restriction no match for the natural

Calories really don't have the power we give them credit for, so counting them in the hope of losing weight is pointless, suggests a US study.

When it comes tolosing weight through diet, counting calories has always been the leader in deciding what to eat. The fact that there are so many diets and still so many people struggling with their weight gives some indication that a simple equation of calories in and calories out doesn't come anywhere close to addressing this weighty issue. Surely if it were a question of simple arithmetic we'd all be walking around in our skinny jeans?

Finally, relief is in sight for even the most avid dieter with new research offering even further proof that counting calories is nowhere near as significant as it is popularly believed to be for weight loss.

The University of North Carolina studied the diets of nearly 20,000 people between 1 and 17 years of age and found that obesity really isn't a matter of overweight people eating more than slimmer people and that overweight teenagers were actually consuming far fewer calories than their slimmer counterparts.

This study demonstrates that it is what you eat, not how much you eat, that really affects your weight; even when the statistics were controlled for level of activity this trend was still clear to see.

Calories really don't have the power we give them credit for, so counting them and restricting food accordingly in the hope of losing weight is pointless. We would do far better if we made choices about food based on how natural it is and the quality of ingredients.

In truth, if we begin eating a diet that is more natural, it is much easier for our body to digest, and really, when it comes to the crunch, its the efficiency of your digestion that really holds the key to you feeling lighter.

Laura Holland is a well-being consultant and nutritional therapist. For more information, visit www.BeUtifulYou.co.uk