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Fitness coach Jes Body offers tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

She is also the founder of the Peach Series fitness programme

Fitness coach Jes Body is a morning person. Courtesy Jes Body
Fitness coach Jes Body is a morning person. Courtesy Jes Body

Homegrown activewear brand Hautletic is running a series of complimentary talks and workshops focusing on health and wellness at its store in Dubai. This Friday, Jes Body, founder of the Peach Series fitness programme, will speak about the importance of morning rituals in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We caught up with the Dubai-based fitness personality in the run-up to her talk.

Do you think that the morning is a ­particularly important part of the day if you are trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle?

AMornings are such a special time of the day. The way you nourish yourself with positive thoughts, movement, hydration and nutrition will create paths of possibilities for the rest of your day.

What’s the ideal morning routine?

For me, it would roll-out in this order: wash my face; hydrate with lemon water; go outside in the fresh air with my yoga mat, a candle and incense; go through 10 gratitudes to initiate deep breathing and oxygenate my cells; spend the next 15 minutes stretching and waking up, either listening to an Abraham Hicks talk or playing soft music and doing my own meditation; coffee; then workout, sweat and connect with my girls.

What’s your top recommendation for a good and nutritious breakfast?

Breakfast for me usually comes after training and is closer to midday. It will be a choice of protein, good fats and a few carbs.

And your biggest breakfast no-no?

Sugar and processed foods.

If our readers were to adopt just one new habit in the morning, what should it be?


What’s the very worst thing you can do in the morning?

I think that will be different for everyone. If you’re in alignment with yourself, your goals and what you want to achieve that day, then you will always be on top.

Tell us about the Peach Series programme?

Peach Series is a community of women who approach their health, fitness and wellness goals in a holistic manner. They love to train their bodies and minds with education and positive self-awareness, and to do that together. There’s a huge emphasis on community, and the strong bonds and achievements created when we share our goals. My vision for Peach Series is to grow this into a worldwide movement for many women of all different ages and nationalities.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever receive?

Stay true to your alignment. Come from a place of love. Do the work that is needed to create shifts in your life. Be humble.


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