x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 26 July 2017

Don't it turn your brown eyes blue

A revolutionary cosmetic procedure can turn your brown eyes to blue.

If your brown eyes leave you feeling blue, there's a pioneering cosmetic procedure you might want to consider.

Dr Gregg Homer from Stroma Medical in California is developing a treatment which he claims can remove the melanin or pigment in brown eyes and turn them blue.

Dr Homer says that following just 20 seconds of exposure to laser light, the surface of the iris becomes "agitated" and the transformation process begins.

"It heats up and changes the structure of the pigment cells," he says "The body recognises they are damaged tissue and sends out a protein. This recruits another feature that is like little Pacmen that digest the tissues at the molecular level."

Around one to three weeks later the iris takes on a bluish appearance - but buyer beware, if you are not satisfied with your new look you may need to invest in some coloured contact lenses because the treatment is irreversible.

Pursuit of perfection and the body beautiful, of course, comes at a price and Homer is seeking to raise a further US$750,000 (Dh2.7m) in investment to continue clinical trials, which are expected to run for another 18 months.

Homer believes demand for his revolutionary cosmetic surgery will be strong: in a survey of 2,500 people carried out by his company, 17 per cent said they would have the procedure if it met safety standards, with 35 per cent saying they would seriously contemplate the treatment.