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An Olay expert pulls back the curtain on the science of beauty

Seven questions for Rima Soni, beauty consultant and Olay ambassador.

At what age should you start thinking about anti-ageing creams/treatments and why?

Your skin usually starts to show signs of ageing after the age of 20, and ageing starts to occur significantly after the age of 25. This can be accelerated by environmental conditions, damage from the sun and internal factors such as poor diet, lack of sleep and stress, among a few. I would recommend starting an anti-ageing regimen in the early 20s, to prevent ageing and maintain youthful skin.


When at a beauty counter, what is your advice in choosing a good anti-ageing product?

Anti-ageing creams that are most effective contain pentapeptides, which have the ability to signal skin cells to increase collagen production. They should also contain skin lightening agents such as niacinamide, as well as moisturising agents such as hyaluronic acid and key effective antioxidants.

These creams should consist of your basic skin care regimen. Twice a week, use creams or masks that have glycolic- or fruit-derived alpha hydroxy acids to provide effective exfoliation for the face.

For additional skin renewal benefits, look for a serum that contains vitamin C or vitamin A.


What is the most important/effective ingredient in anti-ageing products?

Again, pentapeptides, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants are important ingredients in anti-ageing products.


Do you advocate supplementing your diet with antioxidant vitamins in the fight against ageing? How much of an impact do they have?

Absolutely. It is very important to maintain a proper diet that is rich in vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains and fish. It is vital we receive our basic regimen of vitamins B, C, A and E. It is also imperative that we drink plenty of water to maintain a healthy mind, body and skin.


Do you recommend any "natural" anti-ageing treatments OR methods such as facial massage, etc?

Effective natural anti-ageing treatments include facial exercises to increase circulation and maintain skin tone, and periodic massage of the face to enhance lymphatic drainage.

I also recommend a gentle effective daily facial mask of strawberry purée. Take two soft, juicy strawberries, add enough almond powder and blend this into a soft, smooth paste. Apply this to clean skin. Once 20 minutes have passed, pat the mask with wet fingers, and then gently exfoliate in circular movements. Finish with a cold water rinse. The skin will feel firmer, smoother and look brighter with this mask.


How much does lifestyle play on the way you age?

Lifestyle is extremely important in the way we age. Lack of exercise leads to lack of circulation and detoxification problems. Stress increases cortisol levels, which causes increased degradation of collagen and promotes the production of hormones that can lead to skin pigmentation. Poor diet can increase oxidative stress, which makes the cells of our body vulnerable to disease. Lack of sleep decreases growth hormone levels, which is very important in helping our bodies regenerate.


What are your top anti-ageing tips to combat against wrinkles and unwanted lines?

It is important to take care of your body. Drink lots of water, eat healthy meals that are rich in vegetables, beans, nuts and fish, get adequate sleep and exercise regularly. Couple this with effective anti-ageing creams, and most importantly, use sun protection on a daily basis.