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WATCH: Cat invades catwalk as it steals the limelight at Istanbul fashion show

Turkish city is a cat haven, so it's no surprise one found its way into a fashion show

On the catwalk. Instagram grab
On the catwalk. Instagram grab

Heads turned on a fashion show runway in Istanbul after a cat crashed the international event.

The cat - one of the Turkish city's feline residents - nonchalantly went about its routine forcing models to sidestep or break out of their usual stoic poses.

Designer Goksen Hakki Ali said: "Everyone was in shock."

In what would be a major fashion runway faux pas, the playful cat wasn't happy with the pacing and tried to take a swipe at legs of a model who had the temerity to overtake it at the end of the walkway.

The video, below, has had about 270,000 views on Instagram.

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