x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Tried and Tested: Permanent eye make-up

Too busy for eyeliner? Consider permanent make-up for a perfect look every morning that lasts for two years.

WHAT I TRIED Permanent eye make-up on my upper eyelids.

WHAT I EXPECTED I was slightly worried. The Cruella de Vil look is not a good one, and I feared that this might be just that. A great big blob of eyeliner that I would be stuck with for two years. But in the interests of my readers I felt I had to try it. Plus, I'm also a busy working woman and mother who doesn't have time to fiddle with eyeliner every day. I was also heartened by the fact that Candice, my therapist, used to practise in London's Harley Street and has single-handedly fought to get permanent make-up legislated in the UAE.

WHAT HAPPENED This is not a simple process. Nor is it painless. Although I was reassured that I would not look like Cruella de Vil as soon as Candice told me about all her years of experience and explained what I was about to go through. After applying a topical painkiller, she uses a pen-like instrument with micro-fine needles to insert the dye into your skin. This feels a little like someone inserting a pipe cleaner between your eyelashes. It is not pleasant, but thankfully doesn't go on for too long. You need two visits, a few weeks apart, the second one a top-up to ensure the full effect. For a couple of days afterwards your eyelids might be slightly swollen and sore and you can't wear make-up. But it is a small price to pay for two years of flawless eyeliner.

THE VERDICT The effect is great, and extremely subtle. I might even go back for some more as I am totally mad about it and would actually like it to be less discreet than it is. I no longer look half-asleep without make-up on and can happily trot off to the gym first thing without batting a perfectly lined eyelid. I thoroughly recommend this treatment, but have heard lots of horror stories of people less fortunate than I who went to less professional beauticians. So go for someone who is properly accredited such as Candice or those trained by her.

Permanent eye make-up with Candice Watson, Dh2,200, London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery, Dubai, 04 375 2393