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Tried and tested: Cleopatra's cosmetic tip

Get the glowing skin of an A-lister with this golden facial at Biolite Aesthetic Clinic.

Biolite Skin Clinic's 24K Gold Anti-Ageing treatment.
Biolite Skin Clinic's 24K Gold Anti-Ageing treatment.

WHAT I TRIED The 24-carat gold facial at Biolite Aesthetic Clinic.

WHAT I WANTED The glowing skin of an A-lister, of course. We hear that when Hollywood celebs fly into Dubai for the International Film Festival they flock to Biolite for some pampering.

WHAT HAPPENED The sales pitch for this ultra-luxe facial, which uses the highest grade of gold leaf renowned for its revitalising properties, makes bold claims: firmer, brighter and more supple skin, plus a "golden glow". Hoping to follow in Cleopatra's footsteps - she reputedly slept in a gold mask - I wanted a smooth, line-free skin but without the embalmment.

My therapist, Jelena, cleanses my skin before it is gently steamed with a special, ultrasonic Nano Mist to open the pores. Sheets of 24-carat gold leaf are applied to my face and then another blast of the mist ensures that my skin absorbs the gold. To my disbelief it does. Here lies the "magic" of this anti-ageing treatment: the theory is that when the flakes of gold leaf are laid on the face, the skin tries to reject it as a foreign object, and builds new cells, resulting in a smoother complexion. A firm facial massage follows to ensure the active ingredients enter my skin.

THE VERDICT Biolite is a no-nonsense beauty clinic, rather than a destination for Jumeirah Janes to while away the day. Its clientele is serious about getting results. And the results really do speak for themselves. An expensive indulgence? Definitely. Worth it? Absolutely. Immediately after the treatment and for at least a week afterwards, my skin looks nourished and fresh with a serious brightening boost.


Jemma Nicholls

Dh2,000 for 90 minutes or Dh5,500 for three sessions, Biolite Aesthetic Clinic, Healthcare City, Dubai. 04 375 2122, www.biolitedubai.com