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Tried and Tested: Biolustre repair hair treatment

Get smooth and healthy hair even in the summertime.

Biolustre products help tame frizzy hair, even in the summer.
Biolustre products help tame frizzy hair, even in the summer.

WHAT I TRIED Biolustre repair hair treatment at the Gold Salon.

WHAT I WANTED Smooth, healthy, shiny hair: isn't that what every girl dreams of? Like a toddler forced to sit in a shopping trolley as it's trawled around Spinneys, my hair throws a flying tantrum come the heat and humidity of summertime. I'd been hearing about the supposed miracle treatment that is Biolustre and was curious to see if it merits all the hype.

WHAT HAPPENED The Biolustre Treatment promises to instantly restore health and shine to your hair and repair any damage in just one application. My hairdresser, Vivian, boasts about the popularity of this treatment; she says she has four clients per day, every day, women who travel to the salon from all over the Gulf.

I jump into the chair; it's my turn. First my hair is washed with exfoliating shampoo to remove dirt, oil and residue. I am told this helps to open the follicles so they will absorb the treatment. After my hair is rinsed and dried, the Biolustre gel is distributed from root to tip. My sticky mane is then piled high and is left to harden and dry - which it does in weird peaks and troughs, like styles sported by Lady Gaga. The treatment is left on for 30 minutes and my hair is rinsed and washed again, with the cherry on the cake being a final conditioning sealant.

THE VERDICT I notice an immediate change in my hair texture even while it's still soaking wet following the conditioner. My strands feel significantly softer and frizz-free. After a blow-dry, I shake my head, my hair swishing around my shoulders, and I witness a mane that has been transformed from parched straw-like locks to silk. I can honestly say that this treatment has made the difference to my damaged hair. However, the results lasted for only around a month. But worth the money? Definitely.


Jemma Nicholls

Prices range from Dh550 for shoulder-length hair, the Gold Salon, Al Attar Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, 04 321 1423