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Tried and Tested: A fake tan that actually works

Save your skin from harmful rays with the St Tropez full body spray tan at Sisters Beauty Lounge.

WHAT I TRIED St Tropez full body spray tan application with exfoliation at Sisters Beauty Lounge, Dubai Mall.


WHAT I EXPECTED After a tragic experience as a teen with a bottle of self-tan lotion when I spent a week looking like an Oompa-Loompa, I vowed to enjoy my natural colour and never self-tan again. Fast forward 20 odd years to where I am now, desperately trying to avoid sun damage and feeling a hideous shade of pale as a result. I hoped for the best and figured that with a trained technician to apply the tanner to my body, I might have some hope of a semi-natural looking tan.


WHAT HAPPENED After I stripped off my clothes and donned only disposable underwear and a shower cap, my technician, Luisa, exfoliated every inch of my body. After 15 minutes of vigorous scrubbing, I almost forgot that I was actually there for a tan and not a mini-massage.

I was then ushered into a private shower to rinse off the exfoliant in preparation for the tanner to be applied in a spray booth. The spray booth looked exactly like a half-slice of Mork's giant egg and all I could hear running through my head was "Mork calling Orson, come in Orson".

My feet were placed on adhesive pads (one for each) to protect the soles from the spray. I was instructed to stand in the centre of the booth and Luisa started spraying the St Tropez with a hose-like applicator. She had me striking so many different poses that I couldn't help but feel silly. But each bend and turn exposed all the folds of my skin to ensure an even, natural looking tan.

After completing two full 360-degree turns I was done. I was left to dry for five minutes on each side in front of a fan and voila! I looked like a bronzed goddess. It's recommended not to sweat or apply water to your skin for the next eight hours so the tan can develop. The entire process took about 40 minutes from start to finish. Not bad for a glow that would have taken hours in dangerous rays.


THE VERDICT I left the salon feeling I had a subtle, natural glow sans a ticket to Wonkaville. I was able to return to work without being embarrassed that my colleagues would wonder what had happened to me on my lunch hour. A few hours later, my tan was even more pronounced, but still natural and even. Since I already had a bit of colour, I might ask that next time my face and arms (areas naturally exposed to the sun daily) be sprayed a bit more than the rest of my body to bring out more of a natural colouring. Overall my tan lasted for about a week. I would definitely go back for another session, especially before my next beach holiday so that I can feel glowing and bronzed without the effects of the sun.


Kerri Abrams


St Tropez full body spray tan application with exfoliation, Dh315, Sisters Beauty Lounge, Dubai Mall, 04 339 8500