x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 24 July 2017

Tried and tested: a dynamic treatment for beautiful eyebrows

Verona Shutte explains this new treatment for barely there or bushy brows.

WHAT I TRIED Dynamic Brows


WHAT I WANTED Visible brows. I'm unfortunately genetically predisposed to have light coloured, thin eyebrows, and have dedicated a lifetime to ensuring that they are pencilled, dyed or shaded so that I have at least some facial expression. In short I'm "browbeaten" by my invisible friends. So when I heard that this new treatment was launching in the UAE, I skipped off to a secret beauty salon location to have a preview.


WHAT HAPPENED Have you ever put yourself at the mercy of what turns out to be a cack-handed beauty therapist to tame and trim your brows, only to find that one is higher/thinner/thicker than the other? Thick, heavily groomed brows, even striped ones, have appeared in Vogue, but as of yet, asymmetrical eyebrows have yet to make the catwalk.

My therapist, Candice, explained the Dynamic Brows concept: choose your brow shape from a selection of hundreds of stencils based on celebrities' brows, select your colour and, in no time, you can have brows like Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks or Gwyneth Paltrow. The treatment takes no more than 30 minutes so it's perfect for your lunch hour. And having a choice of stencils to choose from ensures that your brows will match while going for the same or a different look each time.

Mine were measured, waxed and trimmed according to the stencil and tinted twice to ensure they were just the right shade. The treatment is painless except for the usual minor sting of waxing or threading and a bit of tweezing for the final touch.


THE RESULT Wonderfully symmetrical, beautifully tinted yet natural-looking eyebrows that make my eyes look bigger.


THE VERDICT If you are living with the after-effects of over-plucking or are battling the scary, hairy beast, you can opt for artfully placed, symmetrical eyebrows with a longer-lasting tint for four to six weeks. Dynamic Brows gets my vote.


Dynamic Brows, from Dh250, launches today in spas and salons across the UAE. For more information call 050 942 1722 or visit www.dynamicbrows.com.