Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 20 August 2019

World’s deepest swimming pool to open in Poland

At a depth of 45 metres, DeepSpot Poland will hold the same volume of water as 50,000 bathtubs

DeepSpot Poland will be the world's deepest swimming pool. Courtesy @DeepSpotPoland
DeepSpot Poland will be the world's deepest swimming pool. Courtesy @DeepSpotPoland

Get ready to dive into the world’s deepest swimming pool later this year.

Construction on DeepSpot Poland is coming to an end keeping the project on track for its opening date this autumn. When complete, the pool, which is located 50kms from Warsaw, will have a depth of 45 metres, making it the deepest swimming pool in the world.

The structure has been built using over 1,100 tons of steel and is designed to hold 8,000 cubic metres of water, equivalent to around 50,000 filled bath tubs.

In the company’s last construction update on Facebook, it stated that there were less than seven metres yet to be built to the edge of the shallow section of the pool.

Open to amateurs and professionals alike, the pool will also be used as a scuba site, with landing platforms at various depths. A transparent underwater viewing tunnel is also part of the final design.

The pool will be in watery company when it opens its doors thanks to its location in the small town of Mszczonów which is already known for its hot springs water park.

DeepSpot Poland may take the record for the world’s deepest swimming pool this year, but it may be a short-lived title. A company in the UK called Blue Abyss has recently announced plans to build an even deeper swimming pool in Liverpool. If planning is approved, the new pool would plunge down to 50 metres, taking the title from the Polish effort.

Updated: April 5, 2019 03:13 PM