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Travel Essentials: Stereo headphones

Good quality headphones that block out ambient noise and deliver high quality sound make all the difference while travelling. Robert Carroll looks at some of the best.

CX 300 II Precision Black Courtesy of Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG
CX 300 II Precision Black Courtesy of Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG

Shure SE215

These headphones have an excellent audio quality, balancing boosted bass with superb clarity and tone. The angled buds - offered in six sizes - and over-the-ear cable take a bit of adjustment to fit comfortably, but once adapted they cut out background noise effectively. At a little more than 160cm, the cable is long enough to stretch from a pocket or a bag and, unlike many headphones, it can be detached - making it easier to store or to replace.

Available from NMK Electronics, Virgin Megastore, Dubai Duty Free and iStyle for US$108.63 (Dh399).


Sennheiser CX300II

These headphones are excellent value and are a significant improvement on the headphones that come with most MP3 players. They have a solid bass boost and reasonable detail and crispness in the mid and treble ranges. With three sizes of rubber ear buds, it is easy to get a good fit and block out a lot of ambient noise. The cable is a good length at 120cm and the jack feels sturdy.

Available from Jumbo Electronics (www.jumbocorp.com) for $54.18 (Dh199).


Klipsch X10

This company - beloved of audiophiles - has produced a small and light set of headphones. The quality of the sound from these headphones is stunning, with rich bass tones and clean trebles. The oval ear buds are very comfortable and seal off your ear to cut out most background noise. The cable has a microphone that can be used to make telephone calls and a remote control that works with most Apple products.

Available from Hi-Fi City in Dubai Mall (04 339 9167) for $353.66 (Dh1,299).

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