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Travel Essentials: Small and chic is the order for evening bags

It's not the first thing you pack when going on holiday, but a clever choice of evening bag needn't take up too much space and is essential for a smart evening out.

Jimmy Choo candy anthracite glitter acryllic clutch in silver. Courtesy: Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo candy anthracite glitter acryllic clutch in silver. Courtesy: Jimmy Choo

Lanvin 'Amalia'

There's something intensely seductive about this demure little bag - unpretentious enough to work as well with jeans and a blouse as a cocktail dress. It's one of those killer items you look at, walk away from, then rush back to buy and make it yours, yours, yours. In raspberry pink quilted leather with a pink grosgrain tassel. It measures 24cm x 18cm x 6cm and is also available in black. Costs £295 (Dh1,775) from Lanvin, available at Dubai Mall (04 330 8008) or Net a Porter (www.net-a-porter.com; 00 44 203 471 4510).


Jimmy Choo glitter acrylic clutch

Useful for rapping presumptious males or tardy headwaiters over the knuckles, this ridged, glitter-infused acrylic bag has metallic leather sides and inner flap, a concealed chain and - the surprise when you open it - pink satin lining. It measures 27cm x 19cm x 10cm and is available in gold or silver. Costs €1,050 (Dh5,607) from Jimmy Choo (www.jimmychoo.com) or at the Mall of the Emirates (04 395 7938).


Alexander McQueen punk-luxe bag

The late British designer's inventive genius for colour and cut live on in this punk-luxe woven scarlet and pink leather bag with his signature skull clasp in Swarovski and pearl. You could wear it with all-black, all-white, a long red dress, a short pink cocktail dress - anything, frankly. So delicious, it's almost edible. Measures 16cm x 10cm x 4cm. Costs £1,072 (Dh6,450), available at Dubai Mall (03 339 8760) and www.net-a-porter.com.