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Travel Essentials: sleeping bags

There's little worse than being cold while camping. Considering warmth, bulk and weight, Adriaane Pielou picks three of the best sleeping bags.

The Quechua S10 Sleeping Bag.
The Quechua S10 Sleeping Bag.

A cosy sleeping bag is a blessed thing indeed. Few things are worse while camping than finding yourself shivering all night. So before you buy, the three things to consider are warmth, bulk and weight. Think about the climate in which you'll be camping, and whether you will be carrying it yourself or in the back of a car.

Quechua 10-degree sleeping bag

Synthetic fillings are cheaper than feathers or down but make for a heavier and bulkier bag. If you're driving to your camping destination, the weight and bulkiness of a sleeping bag is not much of an issue, and this, with a polyester filling and outer shell and poly-cotton inner, is good for general use - camping at a European summer music festival, for instance, when the temperature won't drop below about 10°C. Available at Decathlon, Mirdif City Centre, Dubai, or decathlon.com for Dh118.

Mountain Equipment Classic 500

Cosy even when the mercury dips to -6°C, this down-filled bag by Mountain Equipment has a windproof outer shell and a trapezoid construction to ensure an even spread of filling so there are no cold spots. At 950g, it's wonderfully light and it's also excellent value at £140 (Dh825), making it a good choice for camping in dry conditions. (00 44 1942 511 820, Catch22products.co.uk).

Rab Ascent 900 down sleeping bag

The one downside to down is that it clumps if it gets damp, reducing warmth, but for dry deserts or very high-altitude camping, it's ideal. This is one of the lightest and cosiest sleeping bags available, comfortable even at -11°C. The neck collar and hood offers maximum warmth, while the moisture-repelling inner and outer shell help keep the down dry. It weighs 1.56kg; £265 (Dh1,562) plus £20 (Dh118) p&p (00 44 1433 622 001, safariquip.co.uk).

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