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Travel Essentials: ski goggles

Good googles improve definition, enabling you to pick out contours more quickly and read the slope more easily.

A handout photo of Dragon Rogue Goggle in Coal/Red Ionized. Courtesy: Dogfunk
A handout photo of Dragon Rogue Goggle in Coal/Red Ionized. Courtesy: Dogfunk

Dragon Rogue

These goggles are meant for snowboarding and have been designed to be compatible with helmets. Their wide lenses provide a view of almost 180 degrees and have remarkable clarity. The dual lenses - a feature common on most good googles - help to reduce fogging. The frames are lightweight and comfortable, thanks to three layers of foam lined with fleece.

Available from www.dogfunk.com from $129.95 (Dh477) plus shipping.


Oakley A Frame

Oakley, a renowned name in optics, hasconsistently produced much-lauded goggles in recent years. These ones have several features that reduce fogging: good ventilation around the frame, chemically treated lenses and two lenses with air between. The lenses are polarised to reduce glare and reflection. They have also been coated to filter out UV light. They are comfortable and available in a wide range of colours.

Available from www.amazon.com from $55.79 (Dh205) plus shipping.


Bollé Mojo

Founded in 1888, Bollé has been making ski goggles since 1960. It combines traditional, high-quality goggles with the latest technologies. The frames have a fleece lining with two layers of foam to create a snug fit. They have a wide field of view to improve peripheral sight. There are two lenses, which have been treated to reduce fogging, lessen scratches and protect against UV light. They are available in four different lens colours and the fit is medium to large.

Available from Pro Sports International (www.prosports.ae, 04 347 7737), Dubai, from Dh175.