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Travel Essentials: lightweight luggage scales

Airlines are becoming more and more stringent about baggage allowances. Weigh your luggage before you leave to avoid any unpleasant surprises at check-in.

Taylor 8120 Luggage Scale, Dh63.
Taylor 8120 Luggage Scale, Dh63.

Where a rough estimate from bathroom scales once sufficed, these scales provide an accurate measurement helping you to use every last gram of your allocation. They are lightweight and portable, so you can hone your packing for your return journey as well.


Taylor 8120 digital luggage scale

Weighing a little more than 150g, these light and compact scales can weigh luggage up to 40kg. The design is simple and effective: fix the clasp around the luggage handle, lift the scales handle, wait for a beep and read the weight on the LCD screen. The results can be set to kilograms or pounds and are pretty accurate, with an error range of less than half a kilogram.

Available from www.amazon.com from US$17.27 (Dh63), plus shipping.


Balanzza BZ200 Ergo digital luggage scale

These scales incorporate the handle into the grooved contours of the scales themselves. This approach is neat, but it can make picking up heavy luggage trickier. The digital display is clear and easy to read, with simple buttons to set the units and calibrate or reset the scales. The scales use AAA batteries, which are among the most common batteries to replace.

Available from www.amazon.com from $18.16 (Dh67) plus shipping.


The Baggage Scale

These scales work in a similar way to the others but do not use batteries. Instead, they have a dial that provides an instant reading with the luggage lifted a few centimetres off the ground. Lightweight at 111g, they have a hook that unfolds to take the weight of luggage up to 32kg.

From $21.35 (Dh78) including a 25 per cent discount (quote promotional code UAE119) and free shipping (www.thebaggagescale.com).

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