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Travel Essentials: Laptop security solutions

Travelling with your laptop or phone makes you more susceptible to cyber crime. Protect your equipment and identity with these clever items.

Undercover. Orbicule
Undercover. Orbicule


This clever program - only available on Macs and iOS at the moment - is a glimpse of the future. If someone steals your laptop or phone, this program has a series of steps for recovery and revenge: you can track the location of your device; you can receive screen shots at regular intervals to see what the thief is doing on your device; and you can receive images of the person using your computer taken with the in-built camera. The program will also "simulate a hardware failure" making the screen darker and darker until it cannot be used at which point a message pops up saying - on screen and aloud - that the device is stolen. Brilliant.

Available from www.orbicule.com for US$49 (Dh180).


Eikon To Go USB Fingerprint Reader

Security experts often recommend creating passwords that are so complex that you end up having to write them down so you don't forget them. This USB fingerprint reader offers an alternative. Once you have set it up and installed the software, it means you can access your computer and its saved passwords with a swipe of your finger.

Available from www.amazon.com for $34.73 (Dh128) plus shipping.


Kensington MicroSaver DS Notebook Lock

This lock fits into the security slot included on the side of most modern laptops. The steel cable is over 180cm long making it easy to wrap around fixtures such as radiators. It is sturdy and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Available from www.bhphotovideo.com for $46.64 (Dh171) plus shipping.