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Travel Essentials: Keep kids secure in the car

Three easy-to-carry aids to ensure your children are well secured when travelling in cars.

The Bubblebum booster seat.
The Bubblebum booster seat.

The laws about child safety in cars vary in different countries. Yet anyone who has clung to their child in the back seat of a taxi in a foreign land, smiles masking the fear, will know travel is no excuse to let your standards slip and put your child in danger. These innovative products offer different solutions to car safety for children beyond the often expensive solution of hiring a car seat from a car rental company.


This inflatable booster seat is lightweight and compact, making it ideal to pack. It conforms to UN ECE Regulation 44.04 on child restraint systems and is suitable for children between three and 11 years old, between 15kg and 36kg and under 135cm. Most children seem to like the buoyant comfort and purple and green colour combination. Available from www.bubblebum-me.com from $54.18 (Dh199) with free shipping.

Safe Rider Travel Vest

With its array of straps, clips and toggles, this vest looks like it belongs in a spacecraft. It is a good alternative to a booster seat and excels at improving the safety of lap seat belts if there happens to be no shoulder belt available. It is lightweight, easy to carry and comes in two sizes: small is for children aged three to six years old, while large is for children aged five to eight. Available from www.amazon.com from $119 (Dh437) plus shipping.

GoGo Babyz Travelmate

This lightweight and compact trolley is a good answer to the problem of trudging through airports with children, luggage and car seats. Simply strap your child into his or her car seat and attach the car seat to the trolley. It works with a wide variety of car seats. It has a telescopic handle, rubber wheels and weighs just over 2kg. Available from www.amazon.com from $79.99 (Dh294) plus shipping.


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