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Travel essentials: don't sweat it, pack sensibly for the heat

A few handy-to-haves that will help you stay cool even out in the midday sun.

NEW: A handout photo of Pachacuti classic fedora - rollable - llano weave - grade 8 (Courtesy: Pachacuti)
NEW: A handout photo of Pachacuti classic fedora - rollable - llano weave - grade 8 (Courtesy: Pachacuti)

A Panama hat that you can roll to go

Lightweight and classic, a true Ecuadorean Panama hat is both practical and stylish, keeping its shape even after it has been rolled, unrolled and re-rolled for travelling. Rolled mind, not folded or scrunched. Pay attention to the grade of straw hat that you buy: hats are graded to certify whether they are rollable or not. Take this Classic, Grade 8, Ilano Weave for men from Pachacuti, a hat specialist that has been certified Fair Trade by the World Fair Trade Organisation for its partnership with women's weaving cooperatives in Ecuador. Order online from www.panamas.co.uk; £126 (Dh704) plus £13.50 (Dh75) post and packaging.

Stay hydrated with a filtration water bottle

Carrying heavy bottles of fresh water to keep dehydration at bay is a pain, which is why there are a plethora of filtration bottles that promise to purify water from almost any source. Water To Go makes practical, 75cl squeezy water bottles fitted with patented nano technology filters, rather than carbon filters, that last for 200 litres before needing replacement and reduce water contaminants such as metals, chemicals, bacteria, parasites and viruses by 99.9 per cent. Almost everything apart from seawater, in fact. Order online at www.watertogo.eu; £25 (Dh140) plus £3 (Dh17) post and packaging.

A sunscreen with real staying power

Soltan Once 8-Hour Sun Protection Moisturising Suncare Lotion (SPF50+) is a long-lasting, water resistant lotion that really works. The heavy formula needs to be rubbed in well to be fully absorbed, but it's worth the effort as you barely need to reapply all day. With a patented antioxidant complex to protect your skin against long-term damage and five-star UVA protection, this product shields your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and also moisturises. Available with a 2-for-1 offer; Dh93, Boots, Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere.

A lightweight umbrella to block the sun's rays

Sun umbrellas block up to 99 per cent of the sun's ultraviolet rays, according to recent academic research; a standard black umbrella blocks 77 per cent. This folding "Parasoleil" by Fulton is lightweight with an anti-UV reflective silver lining and comes in a range of summer colours including hot pink, aquamarine and canary yellow. Order online from www.amazon.co.uk; £11 (Dh61) plus postage and packaging.


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