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Travel Essentials: Digital SLR cases

Digital SLRs may be cumbersome, but sometimes it's the cases that make them so. Rob Carroll looks at robust but compact models to help lighten the load.

Lowerpro Top Loader Zoom 50 AW in blue (Courtesy: DayMen)
Lowerpro Top Loader Zoom 50 AW in blue (Courtesy: DayMen)

Lowepro Toploader Zoom 50 AW

This case fits a DSLR camera with an attached lens (up to 55mm). It is useful for photographers without a plethora of lenses who want to be able to access their camera quickly. The case is durable and well padded, with pockets inside and out to store accessories such as memory cards and batteries. The case comes with a waterproof cover that unfurls from the back. Available from www.amazon.com from US$39.95 (Dh147), plus shipping.

Zing SLR cover

This case is made from a single piece of Neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber most commonly used in wetsuits. It wraps snugly around the camera and provides protection against bumps and knocks, dust and rain. Thanks to the choice of material and the lack of fastenings such as zips or clips, it is very lightweight and a great way to keep your camera safe inside a bigger bag. Available from www.amazon.com from $23.99 (Dh88), plus shipping.

Ape Case SLR holster

This case is compact - 20cm wide and 25cm high - yet it has enough room for a camera and, perhaps, even a handful of lenses. It is well padded inside with a yellow lining, making it easy to find things in the dark. You can carry it using a handle on the top, with a shoulder strap or on a belt loop. The flap on the top is large and has two zips for easy access. There are plenty of pockets to store memory cards and spare batteries. Available from www.amazon.com from $25.47 (Dh94), plus shipping.

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