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Travel essentials: binoculars

Whether star-gazing in the desert or looking for lions on safari, the powers of optical magnification are numerous.

The Eagle Optics Ranger SRT 8x42 binoculars.
The Eagle Optics Ranger SRT 8x42 binoculars.

Pentax 62555 8x42 DCF CS Binoculars

The quality of the optics set these binoculars apart from other similar pairs. They use phase-coated roof prisms, which make the view incredibly clear and sharp. The field of view is also very wide, allowing you to see objects that would be out of view through other binoculars. The case, made of plastic and rubber, is robust and waterproof.

Available from www.amazon.com from U$235.50 (Dh865), plus shipping.

Eagle Optics Ranger 8x42 SRT Binoculars

These binoculars are small and lightweight, fitting snugly in your hand. Yet they are very tough. They are waterproof and filled with nitrogen to stop the lenses from fogging up. The image quality is very good thanks to fully multi-coated lenses, phase correction and BaK-4 prisms. They come with an unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty, which means free repair or replacement for most faults and problems.

Available from www.amazon.com from $329 (Dh1,208), plus shipping.

Nikon 8220 Trailblazer 8x42

These binoculars cost less than the other pairs yet retain many of their features. They are sleek, lightweight and easy to handle. They are waterproof and the lenses will not fog up. Where they do compromise is the quality of the optics, and as a result the view is less sharp than more expensive pairs. Nevertheless, they are solid and functional, and come with a 25-year warranty.

Available from www.amazon.com from $111.16 (Dh408), plus shipping.