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Top torches for travelling with

Travel essentials: Adriaane Pielou explores the latest high-spec torches to make sure your trip never fails to illuminate.

Led Lenser P7. Courtesy of Catch22
Led Lenser P7. Courtesy of Catch22

Blade GorillaTorch by Joby

First came the best-selling Gorillapod support for cameras, and then the innovative company Joby started exploring other uses for its clever bendy-leg design, which can wrap around a branch, handle or hook, etc, or stand up on its own - useful when you need your hands free. The original Gorillatorch was followed by the stronger Flare, and now there's Blade, which gives out a powerful beam of LED light - up to 130 lumens. The torches cost from about £20 (Dh120) to £49.95 (Dh298), not including postage. Buy them online from www.joby.com and www.amazon.com.

LED Lenser P7 Professional Torch

This couldn't look more basic but it is a brilliant torch, with a burn time of up to 130 hours on four AAA batteries, a 170-lumens beam with a reach of up to 216.7 metres - and it's all operable with one hand if you find yourself in an 127 Hours-type situation. Costs £45 (Dh268) from Catch 22 Products (www.catch22products.co.uk; 00 44 1942 511 820).

mPower Emergency Illuminator

Designed by the Porsche Design Studio, this is the Rolls-Royce of small torches. What makes it special is that it comes with a groundbreaking reserve lithium battery with a shelf life of 20 years (anyone who has ever kept a torch they rarely use will know: batteries unused quickly die). It can also be used to recharge some mobile phones via a USB connection. It costs US$289 (Dh1,061); available online from the manufacturer at www.mpowertech.com (001 877 674 2738).