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Vets in Abu Dhabi


Khaleej Al Arabi Street

T +971 2 665 0085
F +971 2 665 0014


Routine opening hours
Sunday to Thursday
7.30am to 10pm

8am to 7pm

Emergency cases will be seen any time. The Emergency number when the office is closed is 050 615 1711. Please Note, emergency fees are higher than regular fees.



T +971 2 665 5044
F +971 2 665 5173

Kennel Contact:
T +971 2 551 1578
F +971 2 551 1375

Hours: consultations by appointment only
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
7.30am to 6.30pm

7.30am to 7.30pm

8.00am to 12:00pm
(No doctor consultations – open for boarding, pet drop off/collection and sales.)


11am to 12pm
Closed for staff continuing education

Kennel Hours :
Sunday - Thursday
9am to 5pm

8am - 11.45am



German Veterinary Clinic
T 02 556 2024
F 02 556 2036
050 681 7864

Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 8am to 6.30pm

Veterinary consultations by appointment only.

The clinic offers exclusive services such as puppy socialisation classes or “puppy parties". It also organises the Pet Slimmer of the Year competition, which uses state-of-the-art slimming technology to ascertain your pets target weights, in order to help deal with animal obesity exacerbated by the hot climate and the desire to stay indoors.


Falcon Hospital
The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is located near Abu Dhabi International Airport. Its premises can be found on the right side along the Abu Dhabi-Sweihan road 3km after the Sweihan Bridge.
+971 2 575 5155


Sending your pets home

Snoopy Pets is an export pet company www.snoopypets.com

Beware, it is not a quick process to export your pet. It usually takes seven months to do all the paperwork to transport a pet under the pet passport scheme, so they bypass quarantine.

To the UK

Shipping cost: Dh13,279
(includes price of rabies test and travel crate)

Quarantine: If the dog or cat has received the rabies titer and waited six months after the test, the animal will not be quarantined. Pets without the full six months on record will have to spend the remaining time in quarantine.

To Australia

Shipping cost: Dh17,839
(includes price of rabies titer test and travel crate)

Quarantine: Pets must wait at least 60 days after the rabies titer before being imported. The quarantine period is 180 days minus the amount of time spent before travelling to Australia, with a minimum of 30 days.

To the US

Shipping cost: Dh15,612
if travelling as cargo (includes travel crate), or Dh1,024 as excess baggage (does not include excess-baggage fees)
There is no quarantine period for pets travelling to the US.