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‘Now is the best time’ to go on holiday to Saudi Arabia, says top travel influencer

Many of the kingdom’s sites are still untouched, says Yousef Al Sudais

Madain Saleh, the first-ever archaeological site in Saudi Arabia to join Unesco's World Heritage List. AFP
Madain Saleh, the first-ever archaeological site in Saudi Arabia to join Unesco's World Heritage List. AFP

Now is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia, because its heritage sites are relatively untouched and it is more affordable than many alternative destinations, a leading Saudi travel influencer said.

“When you ask people in the world why they travel, there are many reasons," Yousef Al Sudais told the World Travel Market conference in London on Wednesday.

"Some for culture, some for food, some for history, some for the landscapes, some for religion, and Saudi has it all, all of these major reasons for travelling.”

Al Sudais has more than 126,000 followers on Instagram and has made a business out of travelling for the past seven years.

He regularly works with tourism companies, luxury hotel chains and airlines, including Etihad, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

He was voted best travel influencer in the Middle East by Cosmopolitan magazine in 2018.

Mr Sudais praised the Kingdom's natural beauty. AFP
Mr Sudais praised the Kingdom's natural beauty. AFP

The vlogger said popular tourist destinations were often spoilt by too many holidaymakers taking photos but because Saudi Arabia has just opened to visitors, having launched visas last month, it is a good time to visit.

“It’s still really untouched and so beautiful," Al Sudais said. "Also, there are many cities and countries around the world that are suffering from over-tourism, while Saudi has just opened its doors to the world.

“This is a huge opportunity for everyone to actually change their regular popular destination to travel and go to a place where it's unique to be there.

"It's a completely rich country, and rich I mean by not only money but also by culture, food and history, all kinds of aspects of travel.”

He said that although the kingdom was relatively less expensive, there were plenty of options there for luxury travellers.

Al Sudais hailed Saudi Arabia’s beautiful landmarks, including white beaches by the Red Sea to the west and the Green Mountain to the south.

An estimated 77,000 people have acquired an eVisa and entered the kingdom since it relaxed its rules at the end of September.

The Saudi government aims to have 100 million annual visits by 2030.

Passport holders of 51 countries and territories can obtain the three-month visas online for a fee before or on arrival at Saudi.

Al Sudais said that since the visa restrictions were lifted, he has been steadily increasing his number of followers from outside the kingdom."

“I’ve got a lot of messages asking me how to get there and what to do there,” he said.

Al Sudais now operates a tour company around Saudi Arabia and wants to make more videos on his social media accounts for people considering a holiday in the kingdom.

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