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Is this Dubai's most expensive ingredient? Rare caviar served up at Beluga restaurant

The 24-karat Golden Cigar dish comes with fish roe that costs more than Dh36,000

Beluga's 24-karat Golden Cigar with Almas Caviar. Supplied
Beluga's 24-karat Golden Cigar with Almas Caviar. Supplied

Dubai is renowned for its love of luxury so an exorbitantly priced dish on a menu is not exactly unprecedented.

However, a new addition to the list at Beluga – the city’s only caviar restaurant – might take the title of the city's most expensive.

Visitors dining at the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira restaurant can now order the 24-karat Golden Cigar with Almas Caviar, the rarest type of fish roe in the world.

Beluga's cigar-like dish is carefully rolled into shape before being oven-baked. The filling is constructed from a recipe that uses premium smoked salmon, yuzu, mustard, double cream and lime zest caviar. There’s also a dipping sauce, but according to the chefs at Beluga, the recipe for that is top secret. Rounding things off is a serving of Almas caviar – the rarest and most expensive caviar in the world.

The dish will set you back Dh1,550 but that almost seems like a bargain compared to the price of a 250-gram portion of Almas caviar. It retails in Beluga for Dh36,305.

Beluga is Dubai’s only caviar-dedicated restaurant, serving French cuisine with a modern twist and a fish-roe-centric menu.

The world's love for caviar stems from ancient times – the Persians were the first group of people to consume it, the ancient Greeks imported salt-cured roe from Crimea in southern Ukraine and the Romans credited it with medicinal properties.

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