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California's waves are glowing bright blue – here's why ...

Surfers in Southern California are coasting the bioluminescent waves after dark

Surfers in Southern California have been taking to the waves after dark to take a ride on top of bioluminescent waves.

Several ethereal images have been captured at beaches across California's southern coastline, where the night-time waters have been glowing bright blue.

These trails of light are created by tiny natural organisms called dinoflagellates that thrive in some waters in certain weather.

Surfers ride California's glowing waves

The marine plankton emit light whenever they are jostled, such as when a wave crashes into the shore or a surfboard cuts through the swell. This light results in a bright blue glow.

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While it's not a rare occurrence, this natural phenomena happens on and off every few years, several spectators have said that this is the brightest display seen in the area for at least the last decade.

Algae blooms have been spotted this year at several beaches in the south of California, including Newport Beach, Hermosa beach and Dockweiler state beach. The blooms can last anywhere from a week to over a month.

California has implemented social distancing measures, but people can still visit its beaches. However, they must maintain a 1.8-metre distance between others, and sunbathing is not allowed at all.

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