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Amsterdam to Croatia by air, rail, road and sea

A couple looking to travel from Amsterdam to Croatia are looking for the best means of transport.

My partner and I are going to Europe this summer. We plan to stay in Amsterdam until July 4 and then make a trip to Croatia. The trouble is, we are not sure which is the best way to get there. We were thinking of either flying there direct or taking a ferry across from Italy. Could you also suggest things to do while we're in Croatia? We are very active and love cycling, kayaking and hiking.

Croatia Airlines (www.croatiaairlines.com) has regular direct services from Amsterdam. One-way flights cost from US$935 (Dh3,434) to Zagreb, $322 to Pula and $570 to Split (including taxes). If you have the time for a train journey, you could take the City Night Line train from Amsterdam to Munich, then board the EuroCity Train bound for Zagreb. It will take a little more than 20 hours and costs from about $280 (Dh1,030) per person for a one-way trip (both legs included).

For more information and to plan your journey, visit www.raileurope.com. There are regular ferry and catamaran services to Croatia from various Italian ports (Venice, Ancona, Pescara or Bari). A ferry ride from Ancona to Split is roughly an eight-hour journey and costs about $44 (Dh162) per person for a one way trip, and $57 (Dh210) per car. If you don't mind making the journey by road (the distance between Amsterdam and Zagreb is about 1,400km), hire a car. You'll need a valid driver's licence, of course, along with a car registration permit and a "green card", a travel document recognised all over Europe that shows proof of insurance, making it easy to move across borders. Invest in a good regional map and plot your journey, marking petrol stations and restaurants along the route. Car rentals in Amsterdam cost from $20 per day based on a seven-day hire.

There's plenty to do in Croatia, depending on your interests and where you plan to stay. Zagreb is great for night life, history and culture; Split, Croatia's second largest city and a busy port, is famous for adventure activities such as kayaking, canoeing and rafting, while Pula's nature trails, fishing spots and scenic peninsular coastline make it an ideal summer destination. Do you have travel questions or queries? If so, e-mail them to us at travel@thenational.ae