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A Lithuanian airport has made a Christmas tree from confiscated items

The installation, which took about a month to create, is meant to send an educational message to travellers

As people all over the world gear up for their holiday travels, one airport is decking the halls in an innovative way. The Vilnius Airport in Lithuania recently put up a Christmas tree made of all the items it has confiscated from passengers over the years. Think knives, lighters, blades and scissors.

“Here at Lithuanian Airports, we are certain that you have seen many different Christmas trees - natural, modern, innovative, and simply quirky. [But] we can guarantee you haven't seen anything like this,” a post on the airport’s LinkedIn page reads.

The tree, which is approximately 1.5 metres high, seems to be made up of scissors, spray painted to give it a decorative look. In lieu of ornaments are items like lighters, switchblades and knives. The star at the top of the tree is made up knives used for cutting cheese.

According to Vidas Ksanas, chief of safety and security at Lithunian Airports, the tree took about a month to make and highlights the kind of prohibited items most commonly found in passengers' luggage.

The tree is meant to be more than just be a piece of Christmas decoration though. As the post from the airport goes on to explain, it is sending an educational message on the importance of aviation security.

“Using items that are prohibited to carry in hand luggage, and which were taken away from passengers during screening, the lads at the Aviation security unit of Lithuania's main airport created a truly unique educational masterpiece. So if you don't want your personal, yet prohibited, belongings to land on our next year's Christmas tree - better check out the baggage requirements before you pack for your next flight. Safe travels!” the post reads.

The post is accompanied by a link to the airport’s baggage requirements - a not-so-subtle reminder to all who are travelling to be mindful of what’s in their luggage and carry-ons in the future.

“With this tree, we want to highlight that carrying any sharp object with its blade being longer than six centimetres is prohibited in passenger hand luggage – that’s the main message,” says Ksanas.

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