x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018


The Dubai Marathon is just over seven weeks away. If you've been following our 11-week schedule, provided by James Chandler, the assistant fitness manager and personal trainer at Fitness First BurJuman, this week it's time to up the ante. Anyone attempting Chandler's schedule should consult their GP before doing so. Today: 60-minutes cross training/ swimming/ fitness class/ personal trainer session.

Tomorrow: rest Wednesday: 5km run. Try to maintain a good jogging pace for the entire distance. Thursday: rest Friday: 16km jogging. Measure the distance by using a heart rate monitor or map out your route beforehand. If you get a stitch or cramp, slow down and take deep breaths. If you have to stop running, walk at a reasonably quick pace until the problem clears. Saturday: rest Sunday: 35-minute run. Try to maintain a steady pace for the full 35 minutes.