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Top Tips: Too pale, dark or chalky? Find the right foundation

Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, gives us her top tips on choosing the right base for your face.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation.
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation.

1. Always choose foundations that have a slightly yellowish colour to them. Whether you're pale or dark, everyone has some yellow undertones in her complexion. A yellow-based foundation will blend beautifully into your skin tone, making it look fresh and healthy.

2. Run - don't walk - from any foundation that looks pink or whiteish. Even if you're extremely pale, those shades can look chalky and old-fashioned.

3. Remember that foundation should be used to even out the skin tone, not create a new one. A common mistake is when women pile on foundation to give themselves an entirely new complexion. It just ends up looking like a mask.

4. To see if a foundation matches, use this test: in natural light, make a stripe of the foundation from your cheek to your jaw line, and gently blend it into your skin. Now do the same with another foundation that's one shade lighter and another that's one shade darker. The shade that's difficult to see should be your pick, but double check it against your forehead, since some women tend to be darker here. If it works in both areas, you've picked a winner.

5. I recommend having two foundations - one for winter, when your skin is naturally paler, and one for summer, when your skin is slightly darker. For those in-between months, blend the two to develop your own custom shade.