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Top Tips: On colouring your hair

Daniel Galvin offers expert advice on colouring your hair.

The hair colourist Daniel Galvin recently marked his 50th year in the business. During the 1960s he invented Crazy Colour and modernised the highlighting industry with his "Brickwork" technique, and he continually comes up with innovative ways of creating the perfect hair shade. His celebrity clients include Madonna and Liz Hurley, and he also worked with the late Diana, Princess of Wales. He is a friend of JetSet's colour director in Dubai, and here he shares his top hair colouring tips with M.

Your hair should have movement and shine, and should enhance your natural beauty. When you are having your hair coloured your stylist should look at not only your locks, but also your skin, eyes, posture and your make-up. All these factors are important when choosing a shade.

Never underestimate what colour can do. The right colour can lift the skin tone and make the eyes sparkle. When you have the perfect hair colour, the first thing people should notice is your eyes, never your colour. This is the trick.

Keep colour simple. The most common problem with women dyeing their hair at home is over-processed hair colour. Sales assistants often don't have the know-how or experience to recommend the right shade. As a general rule, don't go more than one or two shades lighter than your original colour or any lighter than the sun would naturally bleach it; always read the instructions on the box twice and make sure you do a skin test first.

Protect colour-treated hair. Treat your hair like you would your cashmere sweater. You wouldn't put your jumper in a hot wash, so don't overtreat your hair. Be gentle. I recommend the following: comb through conditioner on wet hair and rinse with cold water; install a water filter in your shower - this helps with hair loss; limit the amount of heat appliances you use and leave your hair damp (not bone dry) before you style it, otherwise hair loses its elasticity.

Maximise new colour with the right hair care products. Hair needs pampering as much as any part of your body. Have at least one conditioning hair treatment a month to really moisturise the hair. Plus, when buying shampoos and conditioners, take advice from your hairdresser so you buy the prescribed products specifically for your hair type.