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Top Tips: Grooming advice for men

Anuradha Kamath, general manager of Man/Age, gives men some top tips for looking and feeling great.

"What was once considered emblematic of vanity is now considered merely good grooming," the fashion consultant Bertrand Pellegrin says in his book Branding the Man: Why Men Are the Next Frontier in Fashion Retail. The male grooming market that started with deodorants, hair gels and aftershaves now includes moisturisers, concealers, facials, manicures, pedicures, tanning and spa treatments. Man/Age's general manager, Anuradha Kamath, gives us her tips on how to become the perfectly groomed modern man.

Skin matters A simple skincare regime can make all the difference to the way you look. Use a face wash and moisturiser every day and a facial scrub three times a week.

Manicure Keep nails trimmed and clean. A manicure can make a huge difference to the appearance of hands.

Face it Treat yourself to a facial every six weeks for a glowing complexion. Rather than leaving pores blocked or trying to squeeze them yourself, see a trained therapist.

Close shave Every man needs to learn to shave properly. Invest in a good-quality, non-disposable razor, shave brush and good-quality shaving cream.

Bushy brows Trim errant hairs from the nose, ears, neck and eyebrows. This will give you an immediately more groomed look.

Alluring aroma A little bit of fragrance goes a long way; just make sure that you don't over-apply it.