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What are your thoughts on the newly announced military-service law for both men and women?

Each month, Weekend will pose a different question to be debated on by a series of female Emirati columnists. This week, we ask Amal Al Mehairi:

What are your thoughts on the newly announced military-service law for both men and women?

The new conscription law for young men and women is a noble goal to serve the nation and protect it, especially in light of the security situation of the troubled areas in the region.

As mothers, we strongly support this law because it is in the interest of the youth in the country and beneficial for the state.

The benefits of conscription and its advantages for young people are numerous. First of all, the service will strengthen their promises to the nation by showing constant loyalty, as well as developing a sense of patriotism.

Emirati families have approved of the law, and have shown excitement for it. Be they military or civil, the skills learnt will be put to good use in the future. The youth, who are now practically spoilt, will realise what it is like to be responsible enough to handle the mishaps that they may face, either politically, socially or even in their everyday lives.

The youth will be responsible for the protection of the country from possible invaders, giving them combat capabilities when needed, and more importantly, it will keep them fit.

In addition, it will give them a sense of responsibility towards citizens, add new blood to the national armed forces and prepare them to face any unforeseen circumstances with patience, strength and determination.

The UAE society is undergoing a transformation and it is necessary to prepare them militarily in case of any emergency. In most households, youths are now too busy playing with technology to realise the possibility of issues arising in the future. They have grown to be almost spoilt and dependent on others, and the service will allow them to become more independent. We as mothers take pride in the engagement of our children in an environment that feeds the spirit of challenge in them and have them be associated with civil education.

Conscription has been on the agenda for many years and I believe it is the right time to implement it as we are definitely in need of it.

Changes are constantly happening all over the world, and I believe, like any other citizen, that we must preserve the good that we have. We can’t tell what will happen in the future, but in case of any issues arising we will have a community that is not only ready but capable of taking down the enemy.

The idea of the announced military service is to be ready for any encounter and not to start a war. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who introduced the law himself, assured the people of the UAE regarding that matter. “Our message to the world is a message of peace; the stronger we are, the stronger our message,” he tweeted.

Our message, as loving parents and honoured Emiratis, is to show our children the right path and hope for a better future.

Amal Al Mehairi is an artist and a mother to four children.


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