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The Super Bowl adverts all your colleagues and friends will be talking about today

From the hard-hitting to the hilarious, 2019's Super Bowl campaigns star everyone from Serena Williams to Steve Carell

Serena Williams stars in Bumble's 2019 Super Bowl ad. Courtesy Bumble
Serena Williams stars in Bumble's 2019 Super Bowl ad. Courtesy Bumble

Every year, the Super Bowl adverts are as much of a conversation point as the sport itself – Tom Brady wins it again, we get it. And 2019 is no different. This year, companies around the world drafted in a host of A-list names, from Tom Hanks to Serena Williams and the Backstreet Boys, with adverts that range from hard-hitting and insightful, to extravagant and hilarious.

Here, we round up the best of the 2019 Super Bowl adverts for your viewing pleasure.

"Is Pepsi OK?" – Steve Carell, Lil Jon and Cardi B have a lot to say, on Pepsi's behalf, about that common quip here:

"Don't wait to be given power" – Serena Williams's empowering feminist message for dating app Bumble:

A stunt that left many thinking their TVs had cut out. No, the service wasn't down, it was just an ad for Jordan Peel's new series, The Twilight Zone:

Burger King's advert, featuring vintage footage of Andy Warhol silently eating a Whopper:

With the new tagline #EatLikeAndy, this footage of the late artist comes from a 1982 film by Danish producer Jorgen Leth.

The Washington Post's hard-hitting "Democracy dies in darkness" campaign, narrated by Tom Hanks:

An Avocados from Mexico ad, which flips the dog-show format to see humans competing for glorious guacamole:

Self-aware Michael Buble, up against sparkling water brand, Bubly:

Google Translate bringing people closer together, with the staggering claim that 100 billion words are translated every day:

Chance the Rapper having a Backstreet Boys moment for Doritos, the musical mash-up we all needed:


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