x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 24 July 2017

The Senso Late Summer Spa Bliss

Testing the Senso Late Summer Spa Bliss package at the Radisson Blu hotel in Dubai Media City.


WHAT I TRIED: The Senso Late Summer Spa Bliss package at the Radisson Blu hotel in Dubai Media City. WHAT I WANTED: The blurb said I would have two and a half hours of pampering. Two and a half hours? As a working mother with three children, I don't remember when I last had two and a half minutes to myself. I started looking forward to relaxing weeks ahead of my appointment, imagining myself cocooned and happy while all my stress and toxins left my body.

WHAT HAPPENED: I was led to the menthol steam bath, the first part of my treatment by Jean, my therapist. I felt the Dubai grime leave my pores as I sat back and breathed in the steam. After this I was taken upstairs to the therapy room, covered in a coffee/chocolate gel and treated to a loofah scrub which was just hard enough to feel it was making a difference but not uncomfortable. Then I had to take a shower. By now I was so relaxed (I slept through a lot of the scrubbing) that I had forgotten how to work a shower. Back to the bed for my enzymatic sea mud pack. Jean covered me in the mud and then left it to dry for five minutes before I showered it off. Next came half an hour of reflexology followed by a Dermalogica facial. In the package you can choose between the facial or a head, back, neck and shoulder massage.

THE VERDICT: The terms "spa treatments" and "value for money" do not often go together. But this really is excellent value for money. Not only do you get several treatments in one package (which could easily cost you Dh550 each), but they give you a present of a lovely Therra Humana Body and Room Fragrance when you leave. Jean is a top-notch therapist and I particularly appreciated her whispering gently to me to roll over during the session - so many other therapists I've encountered will just command you like a bossy air stewardess. The package itself is a lovely combination of treatments that left my skin feeling very smooth and me extremely relaxed. It was great to have such a lot of time to truly unwind, in fact it even ran over time so I had three hours in which to do nothing but focus on myself. I may make it an annual event.

Helena Frith Powell The Senso Spa Late Summer Spa Bliss package costs Dh550 and is available at the Senso Spa at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City. For more information, call 04 366 9111 or visit www.radissonblu.com