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The real Hulk will return to normal – eventually

Plus, the physics of cricket, Nasa's appeal to would-be Moon travellers, a costume becomes semi-permanent and more of the week's strangest stories in News You Can Lose.

After painting his body to impersonate the superhero character Incredible Hulk, a Brazilian pool attendant found his skin had turned permanently green.

Despite more than 20 baths and showers, Paulo Henrique dos Santos was unable to remove the paint.

Dos Santos bought the paint from a store before taking part in a local fun run, but because the shop had run out of his usual brand, he used a type reported to have been designed to coat submarine hulls and ballistic missiles.


Careful with the Moon

Nasa has appealed to future lunar explorers to treat the first Moon landing sites as areas of historic importance.

The American space authority has issued guidelines designed to protected the Apollo landing sites from being damaged. It has signed an agreement with the Google X Lunar Prize, which offers US$30 million (Dh110m) to the first privately funded Moon mission.

Participants have agreed not to damage the footprints of the first astronauts or touch any of the equipment left behind, including the Lunar Rover and the first flag planted by Neil Armstrong.


Not the right response

After responding to an emergency call about a woman lying in the middle of the road, a police car accidentally ran her over.

Police in Des Moines, Iowa, say the women suffered only minor injuries to her legs and that she appeared to have been intoxicated.

A spokesman called the accident "unfortunate", adding "hopefully we'll all learn from it".


New mission for the UN?

While reporting on a session of the United Nations Security Council, the BBC accidentally used a graphic from the hit video game Halo.

Instead of the familiar UN symbol, news bulletins showed the logo of the fictional United Nations Space Command, which has the same initials.

At the time the BBC was reporting on the unrest in Syria, with a spokesman apologising to viewers and saying "very occasionally mistakes do happen".


Money can't buy money

Billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been spotted having problems withdrawing cash from an ATM machine.

Zuckerberg was attempting to take out money while on his honeymoon on the Italian island of Capri.

Passers-by saw him looking in puzzlement at the machine, then asking a passer-by for help before finally giving up.

Despite being worth almost US$15 billion (Dh55b), the social networking tycoon was also criticised earlier on his holiday after failing to leave a tip at a Rome restaurant.


Humidity isn't cricket

Humidity has no effect on causing cricket balls to swing, a scientific study has concluded.

An investigation by researchers in Britain and New Zealand, using 3D models of cricket balls under differing conditions of humidity, has proved that it has no effect on their shape.

Instead, they suggest that cloud cover may cause variations in swing because it reduces the amount of localised air turbulence caused by heat rising from the pitch.