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The million-dirham face creams

Three luxury face creams that are among the most expensive beauty products in the world.

Crème De La Mer The Essence.
Crème De La Mer The Essence.

Not for penny pinchers or the faint of heart, these luxe skin elixirs contain gold, platinum and stem cells that make them among the most expensive beauty products in the world

Miracle in a tube

Crème De La Mer, The Essence, Dh11,665

The three glass phials containing La Mer Miracle Broth appear almost magical, and a magnetic field keeps the youth elixir charged with energy. Ingredients include extracts of seaweed, minerals and the essence of daffodil bulbs, promising to leave the skin "visibly reborn".

Platinum power

La Prairie Cellular Cream, Platinum Rare, Dh3,673

Containing enough precious metal to rival any luxury ring on your finger, this formula, say the white coats at La Prairie, leaves skin smoothed, hydrated and radiant, while tackling all the skin concerns associated with ageing.

Elixir of youth

Angel and Weightman, The Great Work treatment, Dh36,657

This stem-cell- rich face cream promises to "refinish and rehydrate your skin like no other". Each potion is tailor-made to individual needs. Costing far more than your average dose of Botox, this month-long treatment will apparently yield the kind of results you've been searching for — if you can get past the price tag.