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The hit list: The purrfect cat treat, get your daily dose of brews and lattes, and more

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Sukie enjoys the Kit Cat Purr Puree. Stephen Nelmes / The National
Sukie enjoys the Kit Cat Purr Puree. Stephen Nelmes / The National

The purrfect cat treat

Looking for a treat your cat is sure to enjoy? When your feline friend does something amazing, they should be rewarded, and the Kit Cat Purr Puree is the perfect way to do so. Grain-free and 100 per cent natural, my cat flocks right for it as soon as I open the bag. It can be mixed into dry food, or served right from the packet if your cat (like mine) can’t wait. The puree has no pork or lard and is enriched with taurine, vitamin 3 and omega 3 and 6, making it a healthy treat option. There are a variety of flavours available, so you can mix and match to whichever ones your cat prefers.

Customise your burger at the industrial-themed Blaze

Are you an absolute burger addict, and always up for trying out a new burger joint in Dubai? While the dark, cement interior of Blaze in JBR may seem unwelcoming at first, the industrial aesthetic becomes inviting once you order your meal and turn the corner into the restaurant. Cage-like walls reminiscent of basketball courts and colourful graffiti decorate the walls. Most importantly, the burgers were great (try had the Old School) – and so were the fries (especially the Cajun fries). You have the option of customising everything from the type of bread and meat, to the wide assortment of sauces and fry options. And, to top it off, the milkshakes are superb. Visit blazeburgers.com/uae



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Get your daily dose of brews and lattes

If you need a coffee fix early in the morning, there’s now a new cafe in Abu Dhabi to try out and kickstart your weekend. Located in Tanker Mai, a neighbourhood in Al Wahda more commonly known for its furniture shops, Afghan bakeries and typing centres, Dose Café is now serving up regular coffee, cold brew and salted caramel lattes. You can also try the pistachio latte for Dh30. It’s already very popular – a long line of SUVs snaked around the corner waiting for their order on my last visit. It opens from 7am and is located on Delma Street, beside Fresh and More supermarket.

Treat your tastebuds to a masala dosa at Sangeetha

Try a variety of vegetarian delicacies at Sangeetha Restaurant. Stephen Lock / The National
Try a variety of vegetarian delicacies at Sangeetha Restaurant. Stephen Lock / The National

My colleagues and I have a theory called the Sangeetha principle. When you decide to go to Sangeetha, your day is instantly better, but if you back out, you are doomed for the rest of the week. Don’t be fooled by the cursive neon sign or the metal cups and plates, when you sit down amidst the humble surroundings you’re in for a genuine treat. The food comes in waves, first breads and the house special, then deliciously spiced and colourful vegetarian dishes that you will have all over your hands by the end. You could reach for the branded tissue box – which doubles up as a mini menu – but it is better to just embrace the experience. Go to Sangeetha, order the masala dosa (Dh11), or a full meal of pooris (Dh10), paneer kofta (Dh18) with a mango lassi (Dh14) on the side to cool the fire. Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant is in the Tourist Club area, the little South (East) Asia of Abu Dhabi, with another brand at Madinat Zayed, and is open daily from 7.30am to 3.30pm and 5.30pm to 11pm.

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