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The eyes have it for bottom-lash extravagance

Twiggy started the trend back in the 1960s, and heavy lower lashes are back in style.

It was the British model Twiggy in the 1960s who first brought lower lashes to the world's attention. The doe-eyed beauty was so frequently seen with a set of excessively long, raven lashes glued to her lower lids that it soon became her signature look.

Fast forward 40 or so years and the style re-emerged at spring fashion weeks and was spotted once again at the autumn/winter shows of fashion houses such as Valentino and Lanvin.

One of the greatest modern-day proponents of lower-lash-layering is, of course, Kim Kardashian, who has long sported "falsies" on both her top and bottom lids to dramatic effect. Long gone it would seem are the days of barely there eye make-up, in the foothills of Hollywood at least, where wearing five times more mascara than your lashes can support is also de rigueur.

Another slightly worrying aspect of the catwalk trend, as seen of late at Alberta Ferretti, is that cloggy is in. Forget separated, evenly coated lashes capable of causing a draught as they flutter – this spiky look is being dubbed the spider for obvious reasons. Spying a niche in the market and catering to seemingly popular demand, Clinique pioneered the Bottom Lash Mascara earlier this year with a minuscule brush suitable for the tiniest of lashes – and so it would seem, ladies, that this is one trend we can't take our eyes off of.