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The Decoder: A Gilded Age Valentine's Card

A Valentine's card that costs Dh8, 264

An "I Love You" handmade card. Courtesy Gilded Age Greetings
An "I Love You" handmade card. Courtesy Gilded Age Greetings


Is the price of a grand couture Valentine card by Gilded Age greetings, makers of the most expensive greetings cards in the world. Here's what your sweetheart will get for your money:

Each card is a unique work of art - hand inked and painted using a palette hand ground pigments including rich vibrant blues of Lapis Lazuli, brilliant greens of Malachite, authentic calf vellum and archival papers as used in illuminated texts of the Rennaissance period.

The card is then elaborately hand gilded in 23k gold. It can also then embellished with diamonds and cabochons of rubies and emeralds.

Can't think of your own a romantic message? Don't worry. A specially commissioned poet will pen your heartfelt words on the tassel bound pages inside, leaving room for your signature.

Forget about an envelope. The card comes in a handmade presentation box covered in couture quality silk finished with fine gold embroidery.

Your beloved will also receive a finely engraved, hand-signed document, containing the edition number, a history of illumination, the artis'ts biography and information exclusive to your card.